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About Owjan Art

Hi! Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Azin and I have been working on art in different media, since I can remember! I love making new designs, wall crafts and anything that makes homes or offices feel more comfortable and cozy.
I am working on multimedia, using paper, metal, wood and any other media to make decorations. I am a Graphic and Web designer and what I make besides my day job, is to make life prettier than what it is, right now. I believe if you have something you like hanging on the wall close to you, every time you look at it, it takes you away from flat days, or any negative emotion, and helps you have a better feeling about where you are.
If you see anything you like here, just let me know, I can make something unique, just for you or modify what you like, for your own use.  Check this portrait multimedia design to know my work better!
Here is my contact, send me a message, call or email me and let’s talk!
looking forward to hearing from you!