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Collection: Woman

Us: Women in this society!

20 November

About This Project

A few years ago, long before starting the MeToo movement, I was thinking about how women have been always overlooked in our society, as a woman, lived and worked in 3 different countries and seen and heard a lot of stories, I was always wondering why no one does anything about how we have been misunderstood, in our jobs, our lives and everything we do!

This is so obvious that men never understand women, and vice versa! even women sometimes cannot understand their female friends or their own thoughts!

So I came to the point that maybe I could use painting and multimedia as a way to show how I myself feel and think about women and what happens to them every day of life.

This collection is something I have been working on for a while, and everything I felt, as a woman, is in each of my art works.